Hi everyone!
Today we want to talk to you about CIVIP, a new managerial RTS for Windows, Mac and Android,
where the goal is not bring your civ to rule the world or make it more advanced than others but to
bring order in history.
Starting from the ancient age, you’ll have to manage all the cities in the world, satisfying every
request of the people bringing peace, love and stable work in their life: these are fundamentals
elements to avoid riots or the destruction of an entire city!
Every age will have its own instruments to stabilize the civs and each of them will cost money, a
lot of it.
The final goal is to reach the final age (the fifth) with all the civs alive.
Your greatest enemies are sadness, war and the loss of hope: they will cause great damage to
your cities and they will make entire empires crumbling.
Are you up to this challenge of bringing and maintaining peace in this new 3D RTS?
Stay tuned for further updates.
The Camagames Studio

Salve a tutti!

Graphic update for Drumers

Hi everyone! After the announcement of this interesting project, it’s with great pleasure we show you the new graphic of Drumers! In case you don’t remember what kind of game is, Drumers is a managerial RTS where you will have to manage the entire mankind in a future where Earth has been destroyed and the few space colonies wandering in deep space looking for a new home. Unlike the previous version, created before the birth of the actual Team, with the graphic update comes a new game mode. This, like the other projects, will enrich the universe of Infinity Imperium with its background story. Stay tuned for further updates. The Camagames Studio Aggiornamento grafico per Drumers
Salve a tutti! Dopo aver annunciato questo interessante progetto, è con grande gioia che vi mostriamo la nuova veste grafica di Drumers! In caso non vi ricordiate che genere di gioco sia, Drumers è un RTS gestionale dove si dovrà gestirà l’intera umanità in un futuro dove la Terra è stata distrutta e le poche co…

Infinity Imperium: new improvements for the demo!

Hi everyone! Some time ago, we spoke about the improvements to adapt our project to less powerful PC to allow everyone enjoying this awesome adventure full of secrets! As previously stated, we reduced the RAM load of the star systems, reducing its number and optimizing the textures, and improving the animation of the main menu. We also implement a better time travel management (we are sure you’ll like it!) It’s not over yet! In the multiplayer version of the game, there will be space battles for the conquest of entire star systems and skirmishes in deep space unlike the single player campaign, where you’ll fight for single planets. Who will purchase Infinity Imperium, will get the multiplayer DLC for free! Stay tuned because this is just the beginning! The Camagames Studio

Infinity Imperium: le nuove modifiche per la demo!
Salve a tutti! Tempo fa abbiamo parlato delle nuove modifiche apportate per adattare il nostro progetto a computer meno performanti in modo da permette davvero a …


Hi everyone! The release of Infinity Imperium is very close but we don’t rest on our laurels: today we want to talk about the first project who will dramatically enhance the background story of the universe. Drumers is a management RTS which tell the future of mankind travelling in deep space in search of a second home, a future that is part of the universe of Infinity Imperium. Humankind will not have a central role in our projects, present and future ones, but this doesn’t mean we aren’t going to talk about it at all: it will have a minor part in enriching this huge universe. Your primary goals in this game will be two: space colony management and defend them against human rebels: they will try to obstacle you in every way possible, including sabotage and raids, to avoid having contacts with more advanced alien species. Long-time follower knows this was an old 2D project, like the minigame we released some time ago, but we will enhance it and adapt it to 3D. Stay tuned for further updates. The Ca…

New games incoming!

Hi everyone! The release time of our demo is closing always more every day, but today we want to announce you that new titles will be added soon inside the Universe menu in our website. We can’t wait to show you all the news, from 3D mobile projects to desktop projects with photo-realistic 3D graphic! Stay tuned for further updates. The Camagames Studio

Nuovi giochi in arrivo!
Salve a tutti! Si avvicina sempre di più il momento di annunciare la data dell’uscita della demo di Infinity Imperium, ma prima vi vogliamo annunciare che nuovi titoli verranno presto inseriti nell'area Universe del nostro sito. Ci saranno molte novità che non vediamo ora di farvi vedere: da progetti 3D per mobile fino ad arrivare a progetti desktop con grafica 3D foto realistica! Restate sintonizzati per ulteriori aggiornamenti. Camagames Studio

Holes: multiplatform edition

Hi everyone!
We are happy to announce that Holes, the dental caries RTS, soon will become a multiplatform
Don’t you think we are going to stop here, do you? Our intention is to develop more games to
expand this bizarre world and make it available to every possible person.
The mobile version will be soon released while for the desktop edition (it will be a lot more bigger
than the mobile counterpart) you’ll have to wait a little longer.
Stay tuned for further updates.
The Camagames Studio Holes: edizione multipiattaforma
Salve a tutti!
Siamo lieti di annunciare che Holes, lo strategico sulle carie, presto diventerà multipiattaforma!
Non penserete che ci fermeremo qui, vero? Abbiamo intenzione di sviluppare altri titoli per
ampliare questo bizzarro mondo e farlo godere a più persone possibile.
La versione mobile sarà presto disponibile mentre per quella desktop (che sarà molto più amplia
di quella mobile) ci sarà da aspettare un pochino più di tempo.
Restate sintonizzati per ult…

Infinity Imperium: RAM usage optimization

Hi everyone! When developing our project, we improved many aspects of the game as AI, graphic, gameplay and units management. Refining all of them affected the size of the game and its RAM usage, obviously. Today we are happy to announce you we improved this aspect too, allowing the game to run even on older PC with less RAM and power without downgrading the graphic. It’s been a long and complicated job, but we are so glad we did: from 1,5gb required at the beginning, now we drop to 500/600mb! We ran lots of test of various PC and the result was always positive. Soon we will optimize the demo too and, then, we will release it. Stay tuned for further updates. The Camagames Studio Infinity Imperium: ottimizzazione consumo RAM
Salve a tutti! Nel corso dello sviluppo del nostro progetto, abbiamo migliorato molti aspetti tra cui la gestione delle unita, la IA, la grafica e il gameplay. Ovviamente raffinare questi aspetti ha influito sulle dimensioni del gioco e sul suo consumo di RAM. Oggi …